What is 1etto?
1Etto is an experimental place: it is a cafe, a gourmet grocery store and a wine bar under one roof.
In 1Etto you can enjoy a wonderful breakfast while savouring the best Neapolitan roasted coffee. You can also relax and sample our meat, bruschetta and cheeses and can even enjoy a good Italian aperitif on your own or with friends. In addition, you will have the opportunity to try the products even before buying them. Therefore the purchase is a conscious one; you can take it home or have it in our store be sure that you are going to like it. For the creation of 1Etto we started from the great Italian culinary tradition to reach a new concept of sale. Our main characteristic above all, is a deep respect for the customer; he’s guided by the discovery of flavours in a holistic experience to stimulate the five senses. When entering a 1Etto store, you can experience flavours and smells which are the results of a careful research to influence your senses and make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Why choose 1etto?

Easy! Because it is a business of Italian products with unique excellence quality, built, conceived and designed to suit the demands of our customers. Every purchase, whether it is a packet of pasta or a bottle of balsamic vinegar from the oldest manufacturer of Modena, is accompanied by gastronomic knowledge and advice on what it the perfect combination with it. 1Etto personally knows each and every one of the companies it works with and it’s in a constant search for high-quality, genuine and sustainable new products for its catalogue. Every 1Etto shop has the warmth, taste and smell of classic Italian dining. Everything we just told you is not a proposal for the future, it is something already happening. 1Etto is a tangible, concrete reality.

Our Services

Trading Consulting
In the Start-up phase, one of our responsible, experts in Italian products export, offer advice, not only in the legal field, but also in the study of the geographical area specified in each of their products. Our consultant will also help in the work of promoting the brand in the area through a real analysis of the market and creating a marketing strategy directed through the already developed social networks.

Advice for wine and food professionals.
We have travelled all over Italy and each region will bring the best products. From Naples, from the best dairy farms in Campania, we select the best Mozzarella di bufala. From Tuscan, sausages and salamis from the best pork of Cinta Senese and from Bologna the very best Mortadella. The professionals who will accompany you in choosing products can ensure everything that touches the palate inside the store 1Etto is 100% Italian. In addition, they will help you not only storage, but also in managing supplies for maintaining relationships with producers.

Technical advice by specialized architects.
Our team of architects specializing in commercial projects throughout Europe will advise you step by step in the realization of your locality. Through the completion of a preliminary project and 3D imaging you will appreciate the final appearance of your locality, where tradition and originality come together. As in the former Italian cuisine, the atmosphere is excelled by the rustic Credenza with white oak for wine refrigerators and modern counters to store the sausage and cheese. 1Etto´s atmosphere, familiar and elegant, is constantly caressed by Italian music for you to be immersed in an atmosphere 100% Italian and feel comfortable when practicing the Italian tradition of Slow food. Therefore, after a preliminary phase, our architect will develop the design to suit your needs and assist in situ during the reforms.
About Us
1Etto embodies the idea of a group of five young men born in Rome. Five friends connected by their passion for cuisine, aiming to turn that passion into a lifestyle. The Deep knowledge of Italian food and products are part of the culture of our childhood. Those products bring back memories of our childhood, memories that are now proudly present on the shelves of our stores.